Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't Think Less of Me Because I Bought My Kid a $20 Bento Box

The new bento box with reflection of backyard cable wires - we must be in Brooklyn.

Those in my select inner circle (read: I have no friends) know that we send our kids to school with an assortment of junky, mismatched tupperware, most of which is not even tupperware - it's old Chinese food containers. 

Well, this year L.P. is a 2nd grader, old enough to realize how cheap his mom and dad are, AND his new school doesn't provide lunch. To him, this is a significant downgrade; school lunch was chicken nuggets, pizza and chocolate milk, items his parents will never willingly provide. So to soften the blow, Pete got him a beautiful, fabulous, twenty-dollar bento box. 

Of course, after he paid for it the (questionably) nice check-out person informed Pete he could get the same one at the Indian store for half price. Sheesh.

My first reaction when I saw the box was that it wasn't going to be big enough. It has to hold, after all, a sandwich, a piece of fruit and some veggies or cheese or something. 

But then I took it apart and saw that it has two medium-sized compartments and one small one. So you could definitely fit a sandwich in one compartment, maybe with some veggies crammed in, some fruit in the other and then some crackers or maybe a dip in the little container. So we've decided to give it a try. 

This isn't a product review, but in case you want to know what we bought it's called an Eco Lunchbox, and according to the label it does everything but take the recycling out for you. For twenty bucks, maybe it should do that, too.

But it's all about the kids, right?


  1. What a cool thing. I wish I had one in school thirty years ago. I'm sure he'll love it and it will do a stand up job.

  2. Personally, I love the idea of these little boxes. Several years ago we bought my in-laws a similar item called a Tiffen food carrier. Really neat idea. I think you guys are on a roll!!

  3. Hey,@JATunnell, thanks for stopping by! I love those Tiffen food carriers. It is like that, it snaps on the top. And now I kind of wish I had one of those.

    @Benjamin, I wish I had a bento box when I was little, too. But I loved my Peanuts lunchbox. It could hold a broken thermos, a flatttened sandwich, a dented apple and a salamander.