Sunday, September 18, 2011

Halloween Activity: Shoe Toss Fortune-Telling

Left shoe upside down: Beware mean and selfish people!

Fortune-Telling is a key activity at any Halloween gathering. 2,000 years ago the Celts believed October 31st was a night particularly auspicious for seeing the future. Take advantage of the rift between this world and the afterlife to check out what lays in store for you and your kids.

If you can, have a quiet, darkened room set aside for the Fortune-Teller. Set the mood with candles, tarot cards, a crystal ball, things like that. Burn some incense if it doesn't make your neighbors think you're running a head shop. Like my neighbors would.

Let your fortune-teller be disguised enough that it isn’t too obvious that she is someone’s mom.

There are all kinds of ways to tell fortunes - with cards, tea leaves, palm reading, etc. But a Shoe Toss is particularly fun - kids think it's hilarious to throw their shoes up the air and have the fortune-teller read them when they fall.

How to tell a fortune with shoes:

First, have the subject take his or her shoes off and toss them in the air. After they land, read the ancient signs:

• If both shoes are upside down and not touching, the subject will travel her whole life.

• If they are both right side up and not touching, she will excel in business.

• Left shoe upside down: beware mean and selfish people!

• Right shoe upside down means the subject should be sure to follow her own dreams, not someone else’s.

• If both shoes are crossed, the subject will fall in love and get married soon.

• If the toes of the shoes are pointed in opposite directions, the subject is an independent thinker.

• (You can make up your own.)

Have fun and beware mean and selfish people!

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