Monday, April 23, 2012

Kale chips

Crunchy, pretty kale chips!
I was at the playground the other day and a little kid right next to me reached into her mom's bag of groceries, pulled out a big hunk of raw kale and started chomping it up! I was really impressed and burst out laughing.

And while my kids would sooner eat newspaper than raw kale, I was reminded that every once in awhile I hear a parent mention kale chips as a snack for kids. So this past weekend when we were in C Town and H grabbed a giant bunch of kale to hit me with, I grabbed it back and bought it!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Matzo ball soup, harbinger of spring

It wouldn’t be spring without Passover and it wouldn’t be Passover without matzo ball soup.

When I make chicken soup in the fall and winter I often use sage because I love that Thanksgiving-y flavor. But for Passover, I like the fresh, springtime taste of dill or parsley.

I use matzo ball mix and you should, too. Life is too short to reinvent the wheel and our friends at Manichewitz do a nice job. Why rob them of the pleasure?