Monday, April 23, 2012

Kale chips

Crunchy, pretty kale chips!
I was at the playground the other day and a little kid right next to me reached into her mom's bag of groceries, pulled out a big hunk of raw kale and started chomping it up! I was really impressed and burst out laughing.

And while my kids would sooner eat newspaper than raw kale, I was reminded that every once in awhile I hear a parent mention kale chips as a snack for kids. So this past weekend when we were in C Town and H grabbed a giant bunch of kale to hit me with, I grabbed it back and bought it!

And that afternoon, while everyone else was arguing about computer games, I hid in the kitchen and made kale chips.

It’s just like making any other roasted veggie. You wash the kale well, cut out the ribs, toss it with olive oil and salt and spread it out on a cookie sheet. Then you pop it into a preheated 250° oven and turn it over after about 15 minutes. 15 minutes more and you have kale chips.

I kind of liked them. They’re weird and crunchy and mine were good and salty. But I couldn’t drum up too much enthusiasm from the troops. True, they're a little like kale-flavored ashes and the bits of green do plaster your teeth until you just give in and go brush your teeth. And true, the underdone pieces do resemble kale chewing gum. But if you like that kind of thing (and use enough salt), you’ll get a fun snack and a nice substitute for popcorn some night. Bon app├ętit!

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  1. My Mom makes Kale chips. I keep thinking they would work to wrap sushi, but I haven't tried it. :)

    1. @Christy hmmmm wrap sushi. I guess if you steamed the kale enough so it could be chomped through it might work. Otherwise one might end up gnawing at one's sushi, something I ask the children to never do. ;)