Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fun city activity - crayon rubbings!

My friend and fellow New Yorker J.J. likes to make crayon rubbings with his kids. It's fun, practically free, and the big city is loaded with stuff to rub (if you know what I mean). Here's an action shot of one of his little individuals grabbing an impression of a Central Park sewer grate. The finished product, suitably framed, is at top.  

J.J. says: Just buy a big roll of paper and the biggest crayons you can find and head out for the day. Bring a broom or large paint brush to sweep off your subject matter and be prepared to share – all kinds if people will stop and want to make a rubbing, too.

With the leftover paper J.J. & kids hang big sheets on the wall for rainy day murals.

I told J.J. my kids would draw all over the wall if I hung a piece of paper on it, and he said if you limit the media to crayons & washable markers, clean-up is minimal. 

I’m totally inspired – aren’t you?

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