Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't buy sexy Halloween costumes for kids! A Dad's opinion

by guest blogger Peter Valentine:

I went to look for Halloween costumes for the kids today. Party City beckoned as the all and everything one-stop emporium. And yes, for our Cowboy, there was a non-Woody option and for our Pirate there were several options–one cool one with an eye-patch at 12.99! (I’m cheap.) So all good for the boys. Then there was our Fortune-Teller. (That’s our girl.) I sidestepped over to the girl wall and scanned the rows and columns of outfits that were amazingly, consistently slutty. It's distressing enough when you see young kids dressed in these outfits out on Halloween night, but seeing an entire wall of it-without one single alternative option for girls-really drives it home.

Question: Am I the only dad who finds this insane?!

Next Question: WTF?!!

I don’t know what other parents do, but I’m going to Goodwill with my daughter to find some scarves and skirts and have fun putting together a costume for her - one which lets her pretend to be a fortune-teller on Halloween, not a sex object.

Why are our girls becoming so sexualized, and at such a young age? And, whatever the reason, what can we do as parents to today to overcome this harmful trend?

Well, for one thing, we need to focus on what our girls are interested in rather than how they appear. And get involved with them in whatever their interests are.

And most importantly: Money talks. If you buy it, you buy in. So let's all stop buying ridiculous, sexy costumes for our little girls. It's our money and we make a statement when we spend it. Let's say the right thing.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! So often I see parents buying clothes for their children that I would NEVER want my children to wear even if they were in their 20's! Children grow up too fast as it is without helping them along. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who sees a problem with children wearing sexy clothing!

  2. From Peter: Glad to hear your reaction. I feel like there are many parents who take the "Barbie" attitude and think it's no big deal-it's just fun. But these messages about girls are so much more pervasive than positive messages, that I think it must be hard for girls not to internalize them in some way or another. I think parents should not be complacent and not be afraid to act like the heretical hippyish parents I remember from my childhood who-to the potential embarrassment of their kids-speak out against this crap and focus on girl power.