Thursday, December 6, 2012

8 Great Chanukah Gifts for Kids

It’s traditional on Chanukah to give small gifts rather than large ones to kids, especially younger ones who aren't pining yet for an iPhone or other fancy gear. Here are eight of our favorites for the younger set (5-10 years old), that can also double as stocking stuffers:

I don’t know what this thing is, but we’re getting one! Just kidding, I know what it is - a fancy water toy that older kids might like, too. (Great for the bath.) $11.95 at

$14.95 ( gets you one tennis ball-sized geode that your little hammer lover can pound to his or her heart's content. Better the geodes than the wall over my bed.

This wonderful product combines kids natural frenetic energy with their love of flashlights! Shake it to power it up, no batteries needed. $8.99 on

A camera is a splurge, but this gift will keep kids busy for the whole holiday season and beyond. It's great for kids on the older side - 8 or 9 years old. Check out these reviews of kids digital cameras before you make your choice. Prices vary but expect to pay 40 bucks.

Look closely (go to the site) and you'll see that the snowman on these "play clothes" is wearing a yarmulke. The makers say these PJs are not intended as sleepwear, which probably means they aren’t flame retardant. $38.50 at (Check out Old Navy for inexpensive winter-themed PJs.)

6. Chanukah books & Activity books

Chanukah books get taken out year after year, so they're a good investment. Light the Lights is a gentle book about celebrating both Christmas and Chanukah, in the city. $6.99 at

Activitity books like Hanukkah Coloring & Activity Book are always popular. $5.99 at

I just really want this Lowly the Worm doll, is that wrong? One of my favorite Richard Scarry characters goes soft and 3D, and he comes with his own DVD.  What's that you say? Isn't Lowly enough without a DVD? Well, the school recess is pretty long -  those Busytown Mysteries might come in handy. $19.99 FAO Schwarz

Last but not least, a definite splurge: Moccasins by Minnetonka. Family-owned Minnetonka has been making moccasins and other shoes since 1946. These softies are just the thing for padding around the house on a chilly December night or tracking wild animals in the backyard. Minnetonka doesn't sell directly from their website, but try, or use the store locator on the Minnetonka site. Kids moccasins are about 35 dollars.

Whatever gifts you decide to shower upon your kids, remember that Chanukah is not really about presents - it's about getting together with the family, lighting the menorah, telling the story of Chanukah … and eating way too many latkes and doughnuts! Oh, and playing dreidel, too. Gimel! (You win the pot!)

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