Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn

These folks are not afraid to say, "I'm into Halloween."  (Carroll Gardens)

In Brooklyn, people go a little crazy on Halloween. I respect that! Here are some early shots of September decorations put out by the die-hards. And on 10/1 everyone else starts in, so stay tuned...

Close-up of spooky witch (Carroll Gardens)

Little witch climbing up a tree (3rd Place, Carroll Gardens)

The back of Mazzone Hardware on Court Street - ready for their annual Halloween party.
It's not easy to strtech those all spiderwebs! (Clinton Street, Carroll Gardens)
2nd floor - These folks go all-out for every holiday. (Court Street/Carroll Gardens)


  1. I thought I was going good with a little spider webs. Clearly I need more help!

  2. Hey, Amanda, thanks for stopping by! The problem with spiderwebs is they're so darned cheap it's hard to not go overboard. Pete bought two whole bags this year and I could web the whole outside of the house with them. Hmm..