Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, II

These people know a thing or two about Halloween. PS The skull's eyeballs move. (Clinton St.)
It's still early in the Halloween game, but a few Brooklynites are psyched enough to get their stuff up the first week of October. Here are a few shots I took today in Carroll Gardens.

Poor little skeleton can't get out. (Clinton St.)
2nd floor. I like the skull garden trim.  (Clinton St.)
Spidery stairs (Clinton St.)
Nice web detail. (Clinton St.)
Tree webs can mean only one thing: The giant moths are coming! (2nd Pl.)
Love the white pumpkin. We always try to get a few weird ones, too. (2nd Pl.)
Just a nice autumnal display. It's so even and neat, yet it still has a rustic feel. (2nd Pl.)
Stay tuned for more ...

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