Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, III

The giant spiders are coming! (Clinton St.)

Oh, boy. Now that it's officially October, Brooklyn is starting to get out the giant spiders.  

Without a doubt, one of my favorite Jack-o-lanterns ever.  I mean, cement-chunks -o-lantern. (Cobble Hill)

A peaceful scene. (Clinton St.)

It's the red bow that gets me. (1st Pl.)

Ghost-o-lantern! (Clinton St.)

I see you. (Clinton St.)

You don't see too many scarecrows in pink (1st Pl.)

Poor little witchy-poo went splat. (Clinton St.)

The paper Jack-o-lantern bandito strikes again!

A very spooky doorway.

These folks know that all you need to show your Halloween spirit is a single, unadorned pumpkin.

I'm happy to report that the decorating has only just begun in Brooklyn, so there's more to come.

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