Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, IV

Death bath, 2nd floor windowsill (Clinton St.)

I'm happy to report that the Halloween decorations in Brooklyn are going up fast and furious now - so fast that it's hard to take pics of them all! Here'a a selection from a recent constitutional.

Probably the best Halloween decoration ever (Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill)

Companion to best ever, also pretty darned good (Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill)

The purple theme - always appropriate (Carroll Gardens)

Brown spiders, that's new to me. (Cobble Hill)

Nice doorway! (Carroll Gardens)

Twinsies (Clinton St.)

Please, Noah More! (Clinton St.)

Rats hanging from their necks are always a nice touch. (Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill)

Unique purple tree web (Cobble Hill)

Skully with veil made from webs (Clinton St.)

I see you, weird metal Jack-o-lantern!

More to come. Happy Halloween, everybody!

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