Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, Part VI

Not big bikers. (Clinton St.)

Greetings from sunny Brooklyn, where Halloween decorations grow like well-tended roses, particularly in Carroll Gardens.

Scary skeleton with devil horns. And look at that clown! (Carroll Gardens)

Giant tree spider will carry off your children. (Carroll Gardens)

Sleepy little monster head (Carroll Gardens)

Web-covered rat (Clinton St.)

Come, sit next to me on the AC. (Carroll Gardens)

Look at this nice couple ...

... AGH! Good one! (Carroll Gardens)

Balcony friend (Carroll Gardens)

Another balcony friend (Carroll Gardens)

Just hangin' around (Clinton St.)

Me, too! (Carroll Gardens)

Big, scary bat (Clinton St.)

Is there a kid in there? (2nd Pl.)

Happy Halloween!

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