Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, Part V

Here, I'll just water these plants and .. AGH! (Clinton St.)
Greetings from sunny Brooklyn, where people go a little crazy on Halloween.

Let me out of lawn. (Carroll Gardens)

A lot of warnings (Carroll Gardens)

OK, OK, I'm scared. (Carroll Gardens)

Just hanging around (2nd Pl.)

I see you up there. (3rd floor, Clinton St.)

This guy thinks he's funny. (Carroll Gardens)

This guy got carved early and is already degrading. Obviously the work of ...

... children! This is what our Jack-o-lanterns look like, too.

And speaking of children, I like this plain old pumpkin with just one, tiny giraffe sticker on the back. (Cobble Hill)

This tree did look kind of naked without the Frankenstein wrap. (Carroll gardens)

AGH! Giant spider escaping 2nd floor window. (Carroll Gardens)

Festive funeral wreath. (Carroll Gardens)

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind. (Carroll Gardens)

You got the multi-color spiderweb pack? Me too! (Carroll Gardens)

Green webs, just like in a real old house. (Cobble Hill)

It's weird when you feel like warning the skeleton about the big, red hand. (Clinton St.)

Just plain scary

Happy Halloween!

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