Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, Part 11

What's so funny? (Court St.)

So many decorations in Brooklyn, so little time. Here are a cherce few.

Nice window box. (Court St.)

Very nice grave yard (Cobble Hill) 

BTW, I scared the lady who set up the graveyard above by taking pictures of her house, which we both thought was pretty funny.

Gravestone and laundry hamper! (Cobble Hill)

Tiny little skellies on a fence (Cobble Hill)

Mummy and foot flowerpot (Court St.)

If I were a kid I'd be scared to live here. (Carroll Gardens)

Cute and a little deranged (Park slope, courtesy @solotaire)

Wah! Poor sad ghost! (Carroll Gardens)

Tiny, little mice to entertain the detail-oriented. (Cobble Hill)

Ghost and saint (Carroll Gardens)

Nice kid design (Cobble Hill)

This was the only decoration at this house. You gotta respect that. (Cobble Hill)

Happy Halloween!

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