Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy National Pumpkin Day! (Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, Part 10)

I left this window box once and it scared me. (Cobble Hill)

October 26th is National Pumpkin Day! Do you know what that means? No, neither do I. But here are some recent shots of Jack-o-lanterns in my Brooklyn neighborhood. Happy National Pumpkin Day!

I'm tired and my stomach hurts. (Cobble Hill)

I think the lad did a fine job on me, what? (Cobble Hill)

She's only 4, what do you expect? (Cobble Hill)

Tasha's pumpkin. (Clinton St.)

Tristan's pumpkin. (Clinton St.)

Eek! Rats! (Cobble Hill)

Jocularity! (Cobble Hill)

RISD (Cobble Hill)

Not RISD but I like him anyway (Cobble Hill)

He came at me with a carving tool. That's the last thing I remember. (Carroll Gardens)

Happy Halloween!

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