Sunday, December 23, 2012

6 Last Minute Homemade Stocking Stuffers

The trick with stocking stuffers, as any elf will tell you, is to provide maximum joy at minimum cost. How does Santa manage it, with over 500 million stockings to fill?

Homemade stocking-stuffers are the way to go - they fill in the heels and toes without breaking the bank.

And even at the last minute, a crafty elf can manage a homemade item or two. Here are six of our favorite quickies:

1. Homemade notepads

Check out this pretty tutorial for homemade notepads from Use Christmas wrapping for the cover - personalize with stamps or other images your kids might like, such as kittens, robots, cars or ... Captain Underpants! Get creative and have fun.

They're making homemade scratch-off tickets over at The prizes can be whatever you want! A million dollars! A hug! The best seat in the car! You decide.

3. Decorated Tins

Easy, breezy: On Salsa Pie, they're decorating tins and filling them with little treats. Embellish one with lightning bolts for your little sprinter or a moustache for your mini-hipster. A simple-but-elegant, personalized gift.

4. Clothespins Dolls

Don't be intimidated by these perfect clothespin dolls they're making at - at the bottom of the post are some examples her kids made with magic markers that are just as swank. Just have fun and be creative. Clip one to the top of each stocking! 

File this under: "It's all in the packaging." Get some small, see-though containers (they used test tubes), fill with colored candies (like Pop Rocks), add a label and voila, Magic Reindeer Food! I'm pretty sure this is what makes the reindeer fly. You might want to mention that to the kids.

6. Homemade coloring book

Over at, they're making creative homemade coloring books (none of this Disney printout stuff) - personalized so each child gets something special and unique. Draw, copy, print, staple (or spiral bind). Did you know that Kinko's is an elf franchise?

Is it worth the effort? Well, most of Santa's helpers only hear tell about the joyful sounds of good little children unwrapping their handiwork on Christmas morning. Crafty Moms and Dads get to experience it first-hand.

Merry Christmas!

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