Saturday, September 3, 2011

Halloween Craft: Luminary Candles

For an air of Halloween magic, Luminaries are a pretty touch. All you do is put about 2 inches of sand (or kitty litter) in paper lunch bags and add a candle. If you want to get fancy, cut some shapes and designs into the bags, but you really don't need to - even plain, old, brown paper bags are magical when lit from within.

If there aren't too many little kids around, use real candles. They're cheap and pretty. Otherwise, use those battery-operated tea lights, possibly the Best Invention Ever

A hole punch is fun for making patterns - go ahead and fold the bag up to get at the choice spots - you won't see a thing when it's all unfolded and lit.

Let your kids draw and cut whatever they want. It will all look beautiful outside and lit up.

Why can't adults be as original as kids? 

The finished product is guaranteed fabulous and the whole thing takes less than an hour. Have fun, let your kids have the scissors and Happy Halloween!

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