Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Barnbrack Charms

These are the charms I baked into the last loaf of barnbrack I made. Then, when I served it, I was like, look out! Don't bite the penny! Don't swallow the thimble! Do you recognize the thimble, by the way? Yup, Monopoly.

If you get the thimble, it means you will never marry. (Or never prick your finger, you decide.) The bean and the ring both mean you'll marry soon. The coin means good financial luck and the rag means financial ruin and threads in your teeth. But you can bake whatever you want into your own barnbrack. Recipe: Here.


  1. @Story, I always liked the Monopoly dog best of all. Not sure what that means in a piece of barnbrack, though.