Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, Part 11

What's so funny? (Court St.)

So many decorations in Brooklyn, so little time. Here are a cherce few.

Nice window box. (Court St.)

Very nice grave yard (Cobble Hill) 

BTW, I scared the lady who set up the graveyard above by taking pictures of her house, which we both thought was pretty funny.

Gravestone and laundry hamper! (Cobble Hill)

Tiny little skellies on a fence (Cobble Hill)

Mummy and foot flowerpot (Court St.)

If I were a kid I'd be scared to live here. (Carroll Gardens)

Cute and a little deranged (Park slope, courtesy @solotaire)

Wah! Poor sad ghost! (Carroll Gardens)

Tiny, little mice to entertain the detail-oriented. (Cobble Hill)

Ghost and saint (Carroll Gardens)

Nice kid design (Cobble Hill)

This was the only decoration at this house. You gotta respect that. (Cobble Hill)

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy National Pumpkin Day! (Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, Part 10)

I left this window box once and it scared me. (Cobble Hill)

October 26th is National Pumpkin Day! Do you know what that means? No, neither do I. But here are some recent shots of Jack-o-lanterns in my Brooklyn neighborhood. Happy National Pumpkin Day!

I'm tired and my stomach hurts. (Cobble Hill)

I think the lad did a fine job on me, what? (Cobble Hill)

She's only 4, what do you expect? (Cobble Hill)

Tasha's pumpkin. (Clinton St.)

Tristan's pumpkin. (Clinton St.)

Eek! Rats! (Cobble Hill)

Jocularity! (Cobble Hill)

RISD (Cobble Hill)

Not RISD but I like him anyway (Cobble Hill)

He came at me with a carving tool. That's the last thing I remember. (Carroll Gardens)

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, Part 9: Storefronts

In the window at Brownstone Treasures in Cobble Hill

Some Brooklyn shopkeepers really get into the holiday spirit. Here are a few shots from around town. 

Really big bats at Mazzones Hardware on Court Street

Really big spider at Mazzones

Elegant, black pumpkins in the window of Neda on Court Street

Scotto's Wines on Court Street goes skeleton-crazy

Nice jar of eyeballs at Park Slope Barber Shop on 7th Avenue

Good old Sahadis ...

... always in the holiday spirit. 

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Decorations in Brooklyn, Part 8 - The Night Shoot

This sign comes out every year and we're always glad to see it.

Here's a sample of the illuminated offerings in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill this year.

Garden lights on my block

As I was taking this shot, a couple passed behind me and the woman said, "Ya think they like Halloween?"

Autumnal/fear display with great big ghost

A house in the front yard

Pretty doorway

Easy rider

Had to flash the witch 'cause her light was too dim.

This is the haughty "better school than you" Jack from the earlier Jack-o-lantern post.

I wont bite. Or will I?

Spider over doorway

Magical Halloween lawn

A corner house ...

... With scary pirate

This witch also comes out each year.

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween decorations in Brooklyn, part 7 - Jack-o-lanterns

Just happy to be here! In kind of an aggressive way!

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, folks in Brooklyn have taken out their knives and carved themselves a few friends. Here's a sample, from Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens.

Surprised cat

Note the guy hanging from the tree.

Went to a better school than you





Why, yes, we do have kids. How did you know?


Not so jocular

Would you get in this guy's car? ...

... with this guy in the back seat?

Wired jaw


This guy is like a cat that bites your arm, over and over.

For some reason, this guy fills me with sympathy.

Lost control of the knife

Him, too

 I've seen three of these guys so far.

Jocularity! And schnapps!

Happy Halloween!