Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Craft (or is it a Recipe?): Spider Ice Cubes

Let me out!

One of the many wonderful things about Spider Ice Cubes is that they turn any drink into a festive Halloween cocktail. So, say an individual at your Halloween Party is allergic to O.J., one of the key ingredients in your signature Witches Brew. Simply pop a few Spider Cubes into a glass of allergy-safe apple juice (or even water) and voila! Instant festivity.

Spider Cubes require three ingredients: plastic spiders, an ice cube tray and water. They take about five minutes to make (plus freezing time) and kids think they're super fun. 

I like to use spider rings - plastic spiders attached to rings - because then kids wear them on their fingers rather than suck on them once the cubes are melted. A helpful disclaimer would be that these are not for kids under 4, but even older kids need to be reminded to take the spiders out of their mouths, what can I say. Also, unless you have an ice-chewer, it takes quite a while to get down to the spider. 

This is a great craft (or recipe, you decide) for kids because the only messy thing is the water. 

This careful helper did not spill one drop! (But let the kids spill, it's just water.)

Spider Ice Cubes

plastic spiders
an ice cube tray

1. Place one spider per cube into ice cube tray.
2. Have a helpful child fill the tray with water.
3. Freeze.



  1. I can't decide if it's cute or gross! But i love it. Can you get little skeletons too? Pumpkins would probably be dangerous


  2. It would have to be really big ice cubes for pumpkins. Maybe we could freeze some pumpkins in a lake or something. That would be kind of creepy. And imagine how tall an ice cube would have to be to hold a skeleton. We'd have to freeze him in a closet.